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Our Employees

Empowering people. Leveraging our individual expertise. Building a strong, sustainable and engaged workforce is the foundation of our success.

Employee Sustainability Module 1

Sustainable Workspace

To enable employees to share best practices and innovative ideas on reducing waste, saving energy and making healthier lifestyle choices at work and at home, we launched a Sustainable Workspace program. To achieve maximum participation, the program is available in all of our operating languages and is tailored to reflect the diverse cultures of our employees around the globe. Through our Sustainable Workspace program we continue to build sustainability into our corporate culture.

Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety

We promote and maintain a safe and healthy workplace. The prevention of occupational illness and injury at our sites is a top priority for our leadership. Globally, we have defined a framework whereby all sites are required to measure and report on their environmental, health and safety (EHS) performance regularly. Our global EHS team is responsible for building and executing robust internal and external audit programs, identifying risks and proactive risk management, developing and communicating safety training materials, and harmonizing key process indicators globally.

Global Health and Safety Policy

Wellness at Celestica

Wellness at Celestica

The health and well-being of our global workforce is of paramount importance. Providing a safe workplace fosters strong employee engagement and employee well-being. When employees have a sense of well-being, control and influence over their work and personal lives, the result is a potential for lower risk of injury, lower absenteeism, greater resilience, improved employee commitment and engagement. To build a strong workforce we integrate the implementation of education initiatives and learning programs to promote overall wellness.

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