Our Values

Our Values

Performing with Integrity. Living Our Values.

At Celestica, we’re extremely proud of our history of success. At the same time, we know that our success relies on the way we work with you, our customers, and with each other. While business results are important, the way in which we achieve these results are equally important and define who we are as a company.

We know you trust us to provide you with flexible electronics manufacturing services that enable you to overcome challenges and to be successful. To ensure we consistently live up to you expectations, we foster a motivated, high-integrity work environment based on a strong set of corporate Values. These Values empower our employees to provide you with superior service.

Teamwork. Trust and commitment. Creativity. Courage. Our Values are the basis of our corporate culture. They guide the decision making of individual employees. They represent a call to action for our people. We hold ourselves and each other accountable to our Values every day. In all of our interactions.

Teamwork - We Act As One Global Team with One Vision, Living Our Values

  • We combine our strengths and diversity to drive success for you and for ourselves.
  • We encourage and reward the contributions of everyone on the team. Our communication with each other is clear, timely, honest and accurate. We take pride in our achievements and celebrate our successes.
  • Our performance culture allows us to anticipate your requirements with speed, agility and flexibility.
  • Our business partners are recognized as an extension of our own team.

Trust and Commitment - We Deliver on Our Promises with Integrity, Respect and Quality

  • We are committed to providing our employees a rewarding environment of trust, personal growth and work-life balance. We attract, retain and develop the highest caliber talent in the industry. We treat each other with dignity and fairness. We trust each other and are accountable for our results. We respect and care for each other as individuals with personal lives.
  • We act ethically, with integrity and social and environmental responsibility. We demonstrate our commitment to your business by delivering on our promises. We understand your business and see your success as our own.
  • We believe in building strong, enduring relationships with you and with our employees, suppliers and communities.

Creativity - We Strive for Innovation

  • We encourage creativity and embrace the dynamic of change. We generate innovative solutions to thrive in a changing business environment. We take initiative and strive for simplicity. We create, adapt and continuously enhance tools and processes to enable your success without sacrificing quality.

Courage - We Act Courageously in the Pursuit of Business Excellence

  • We take informed risks and challenge boundaries to achieve breakthrough results. We are confident, decisive and act with the courage of our convictions.

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