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Types of Careers

Our people are our competitive advantage.  We have thousands of engineers, a highly skilled manufacturing team and creative and energetic corporate functions. Whether you are in finance, supply chain management, business development, engineering or operations, Celestica is a place to enjoy your work life and grow as a professional.

Our high-energy environment and flexible, team-oriented culture attracts the kind of people who want to be empowered to use their knowledge and creativity to drive our customers' success.

We lead the way in developing best practices and are internationally recognized for our innovation.


Engineering is our heritage.  It is our key strength that makes us leaders in technology.  We partner with companies and products that drive today’s new technology-based economy.
Celestica’s customers are the architects of the internet. They are communications giants. They are leaders of the information technology revolution.  As a Celestica engineer, you will work with dynamic companies that are ahead of the technology curve. We support customers that are shaping the technology industry. 
Our customers are leading OEMs in enterprise computing, wired and wireless communications, industrial, medical, aerospace and consumer markets. This diversity gives you the opportunity to gain both a wide-range of experience and work on a variety of new technologies.


Multiple geographies. Diverse customers. Countless products. Quick turnaround. Intense demand. Rapid changes. Keeping track of all of the numbers in a business as sophisticated as Celestica is no easy task. The global Finance team gets it all down on paper.
As a global company, Celestica’s financial reporting systems must be standardized internationally.  Celestica's Finance team must ensure that local accounting practices and policies comply with international and U.S. reporting standards. The group also oversees accounting and planning, manages corporate treasury and taxation, implements and monitors business controls, conducts financial analysis, and supports cost engineering. Celestica's Finance team offers a wide range of opportunities and a solid long-term career path. In addition, the company's flat hierarchy ensures that all employee participation is valued and encouraged.

Information Technology

Technology has changed the scope of business practices drastically.  To keep up with innovations, companies must be flexible, quick to adapt processes and systems, and focus directly on their customers.
Celestica’s information technology expertise is our competitive edge.  Our Information Technology team tailors our information systems to meet our customers’ specific needs. In a rapidly changing environment, we continue to develop innovative capabilities in e-business, ERP, data management and advanced planning. Our flexibility enables us to swiftly implement new applications and develop new processes to integrate new Celestica facilities. Our staff can communicate simply and easily from anywhere in the world through an innovative worldwide communications capability.

Human Resources

At Celestica, our Values define how we do business.  We live these Values with our customers, suppliers, and each other. Our Human Resources team encourages all corners of the organization to embrace these Values in everything we do.
We pride ourselves on having the most highly respected teams in our industry and our HR professionals are responsible for attracting and retaining the best people for Celestica. Our HR teams are partners in the business and recognize the benefits that a highly skilled, highly motivated workforce brings to an organization.


Business changes rapidly and it is essential to stay ahead.  New technologies in the electronics industry shorten product life cycles and force manufacturers to continually innovate to remain on the leading edge. To help our customers keep their commitments, Celestica's Operations teams focus relentlessly on refining our customers’ operations.
Our decisive Operations teams work closely with our customers to determine their operational requirements. This includes their needs in resource, capacity, and space planning, to training and manufacturing. We enable our customers to streamline planning processes by working quickly and cost-effectively.  Quality is our focus.  We adopt lessons learned through our numerous acquisitions and integrations.  We actively encourage each staff member to help craft new solutions. This creates an environment that rewards teamwork, promotes diversity and flexibility, and encourages the development of deeply committed customer relationships.

Supply Chain Management

Celestica’s global supply chain provides flexible solutions to our customers. We use our global resources to provide competitive advantage, act as seamless extensions of their operations, and provide responsive and collaborative services. We are successful because we use leading tools, advanced processes, and employ smart people.
Our Supply Chain Management organization is responsible for managing the complete product lifecycle of our market-aligned supply chains. Our innovative approach reduces physical supply chain links and defines supply chain responsibilities. This allows our customers to produce their products cost-effectively, in volume, and on time worldwide. Our global reach lets us offer international expertise coupled with local execution. We rely on leading third-party Web-enabled applications and business best practices and processes. This has made us a leader in the design, sourcing, development and delivery of world-class supply chain solutions. Our team helps to develop custom turnkey Supply Chain Management solutions, collaborating with customers to help them succeed.

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