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Managing Complexity in a Dynamic World

As our customers look for opportunity in a world of rapid change and technology disruption, they trust us to deliver the most advanced design, engineering and manufacturing expertise for their highly sophisticated and complex products. From advanced medical devices, to highly engineered aviation systems, to next-generation hardware solutions for the Cloud, at Celestica we manage the complexity for our customers and set the bar for quality and reliability in their markets. 

Through our technology, automation and engineering expertise across our global operations we bring speed, flexibility and insight to ensure their products get to market quickly and successfully.

And, our customers can rely on us to always look forward. We will ask the right questions, uncover opportunities and innovate to ensure their products are ahead of the competition.

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We Are Celestica

Driving Results through Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement

With a focus on delivering customer value, our culture of defect prevention and elimination, process management and control, and a relentless pursuit of  continuous improvement enables us to maintain our technology leadership and set the industry benchmark for product quality.

We are committed to delighting our customers and helping them achieve their success by providing them with the highest quality supply chain services and operational reliability - on time, and at a competitive cost.

We achieve this by continuously striving for operational excellence that includes:

  • Providing solutions that help our customers overcome their most complex challenges
  • Implementing Lean and Six Sigma to directly support the flow of value-added work through the value streams at the pace that delight our customers
  • Leveraging our network of Centers of Excellence to provide consistent experience and value to our customer
  • Leveraging our history of exceptional technology expertise
  • Investing in our business to help our customers launch products in the future, in areas such as automation
  • Obtaining and maintaining industry certifications to ensure quality and safety in all we do
  • Turning customer feedback into actions that drive improvements in the way we serve our customers

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