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Aerospace and defense companies count on us to deliver superior quality and reliability through the entire lifecycle of their products.

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The Evolution of Aerospace

From communications to controls, technology and electronics are transforming air travel. The “e-enabled aircraft” must be designed, manufactured and tested to continually meet the important demands of safety, security and reliability.

As the EMS aerospace and defense market leader, Celestica partners with government agencies, industry groups, customers and academia to identify smart solutions, improve communications, security and fuel efficiency, and enable power conservation and the use of environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes.

Experience and Expertise That Will Enable Your Success. The highly engineered components, subsystems and systems we build are used in nearly all commercial aircraft in service today.

Industry Experts

With over 15 years of serving the world’s leading aerospace and defense companies, we produce highly engineered components, subsystems and systems used in virtually all commercial aircraft in service today.  To view the extent of Celestica's commercial aerospace experience, click here.

Whether power and electrical systems or avionics and in-flight entertainment systems, Celestica has the expertise to drive cost-effective solutions without compromising quality or reliability. 

Our specialized labs and technical skills in global materials research, technology qualification, reliability testing and failure analysis are critical in delivering quality and dependability to our customers.

Celestica is the only EMS company providing the seamless integration of circuit card assemblies, box build and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) by product line to the customer base—truly an end-to-end solution.

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Specialized Network

Toronto, Canada; Valencia, Spain; and Kulim, Malaysia—Celestica’s Global Centers of Excellence in aerospace and defense have the processes, management system and supply base to help mitigate risk and ensure supply continuity at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCOO™).

Our team of industry experts is committed to delivering the most innovative and cost-effective solutions. We focus on quality and reliability, delivery, regulatory compliance and IP safeguards so you can reduce costs and improve time-to-market, knowing your brand will always be protected.

We recognize the need for strict adherence to the most stringent standards. Our Center of Excellence certifications include:

  • AS9100
  • Nadcap
  • CGP
  • ITAR
  • ISO 9001
  • J-STD-001/IPC-A-610
  • FAR 145 (Kulim, Malaysia)

Aerospace and Defense Capabilities

Our end-to-end aerospace and defense capabilities include:

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

  • Surface Mount
  • Through Hole
  • Hybrid 

Ruggedization Services

  • Assembly Cleaning
  • Underfill
  • Staking and Bonding
  • Conformal Coating 
  • Potting

AOI/AXI Automated Inspection

CCA Structural Test

CCA and LRU Functional Test

HASS Testing

Interconnect Subassemblies (Cables and Harnesses)

  • Wire Wrapping
  • Cable Harness Assembly
  • Laser Marking

Enclosure Assembly and Box Build

System Assembly

  • Mechanical Components
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Electro-mechanical Assembly
  • Electrical Enclosure Assembly
  • Active Card/Software

Power Systems Validation

Optical Fiber Processing

Opto-Electronic Testing


  • Prototype Fabrication
  • Prototype Assembly
  • Electro-mechanical Assembly          
  • Electrical Enclosure Assembly
  • Active Card / Software

Quality and Reliability

  • Qualification Test Support
  • Vibration and Shock
  • Thermal and Thermal Shock
  • Electromagnetic Interference
  • Reliability
  • Sensing test capability, temperature, pressure, flow, high temperature flow
  • Other

Analytical Test Services

  • Failure Analysis
  • Metallurgical Analysis
  • Spectography
  • Electron Beam Microscope

Test Development Services

  • Functional Test
  • System Test 
  • Stress Testing 
  • In-Circuit Test (ICT) 
  • Boundary Scan  (BScan) Test - as part of ICT, FT or stand alone
  • Test Strategy including coverage prediction 
  • DFT Consulting

Engineering Support Services

  • Reliability Engineering/Collaborative Physical Technology Projects
  • Life Cycle Support (Obsolescence and Modernization)
  • Design for Manufactured Cost
  • Design for Quality
  • Product Development Support
  • Process Development and Support
  • Technology Transfer and Product Transfer
  • Miniaturization
  • Modernization
  • Weight and Power Consumption Reduction
  • Opto-Electronics
  • Electronic Packaging
  • PCBA Design and Layout
  • Embedded Systems
  • High Speed Digital Design
  • Signal Integrity Engineering

CORESIM™ Product Analysis / Risk Reduction

Repair and Overhaul

  • Printed Circuit Cards
  • Subsystem Assemblies
  • Line Replaceable Units (LRUs)
  • FAR145 (Kulim)

Aerospace and Defense Brochure

Download our Aerospace and Defense brochure below. 

Aerospace and Defense brochure: PDF (1.52MB)

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