How Joint Design and Manufacturing Can Transform Your Business

Technology markets are dynamic and evolving, with market leaders constantly transforming. It’s a real challenge to keep up with the pace of change, especially in the communications and enterprise markets, where established Fortune 100 OEMs fight to maintain their leadership position and smaller start-up companies eagerly look for opportunities to disrupt and gain access to the market.

Celestica’s Joint Design and Manufacturing (JDM) offering enables companies to leverage leading-edge technologies to innovate and achieve success more quickly, with less investment, while protecting their valuable IP. 

One of our Fortune 100 customers with a legacy of hardware and services offerings was recently dealing with multiple original design manufacturers and design partners across numerous time zones. This resulted in different hardware design elements across their various product lines and drove excessive overhead to manage the portfolio. 

Like most companies, they faced constant pressure to reduce development costs for their products, and they lacked the resources required to create their own IP and get to market ahead of the competition.

Celestica transformed this customer’s business with a full JDM engagement, defining hardware spec and architecture so they could stay focused on their core competencies.  The customer leverages Celestica’s product roadmaps, supply chain management and operational networks, with product customization that builds their IP portfolio to meet specific market needs.

As a result, we were able to reduce this customer’s development schedule of storage enclosure management firmware by six months, consolidate several product lines into a single hardware platform and transform approximately $300M of business.

JDM is also a highly valuable solution for small start-up companies who are working at an incredible pace to develop solutions that capitalize on the exploding software market. Celestica’s ready-now JDM hardware solutions are enabling emerging companies to get their products out to the market quickly in the early stages, when time-to-market is critical.

Celestica’s JDM hardware solutions for the datacenter are helping these emerging companies get to market with invested, proven designs that are tailored to optimize performance for their specific applications.  Our robust and innovative designs, massive storage capacity, overall quality and reliability offer simplicity and serviceability above all other solutions on the market.

Whether your company is transforming an existing infrastructure or building a new go-to-market strategy, Celestica’s JDM solutions can get you there faster, with lower costs and the IP protection you need to truly transform your business.