Aerospace and Defense 2020: Navigating a Transforming Market

  • Celestica  |
  • 2020-02-11
Aerospace and Defense 2020 Navigating a Transforming Market

As we enter a new decade in the Aerospace and Defense industry, change has been fast and furious. Steady growth, increased M&A activity and consolidation is creating complex, disparate and highly fractured value chains. As customer expectations rise in terms of delivery, customization and cost, A&D companies need agile production and supply chain responsiveness.

Our second annual ‘State of Aerospace and Defense Report' examines the key challenges OEMs are facing within the current economic environment and why conducting a core vs. non-core assessment of their business will prove invaluable in addressing issues around innovation, design, production, quality, and productivity head-on and at high speed.

OEMs don’t have the luxury of executing a core vs. non-core assessment over multiple years. The time to start is now, and the report outlines the four essential guidelines:

  • Extend Innovation: Evaluate all engineering and design capabilities and refocus on core strengths to identify how to work with partners to bring new solutions to customers faster.
  • Apply a Design for Excellence (DFx) Approach: Embrace a full product lifecycle mindset to ensure a fully-optimized product by closely monitoring costs, vetting designs for manufacturability and quality excellence.
  • Create a More Resilient Supply Chain: Create an integrated ecosystem that fosters greater collaboration between suppliers and partners to get ahead of pending materials shortages and other inevitable global business challenges.
  • License Products to Trusted Partners: Evaluate new revenue streams through creative aftermarket engagements for mature and aging systems to free up capital and resources for next-generation development.

Learn more about how to conduct a successful core vs. non-core assessment by downloading this year's report