Capital Equipment

We provide highly specialized solutions for capital equipment industries. Our focus – helping you build effective, efficient supply chains—customized for your growth

Celestica specializes in enabling the high complexity, high precision equipment for the leaders in the semiconductor capital equipment industry.


The capital equipment industry is constantly evolving to stay ahead of the latest technology innovations. To be competitive, you need the most advanced equipment — highly complex and customized with large form factors, specialized processes and a diverse mix of components. Building this equipment requires a highly specialized supply chain. 

Learn how we are enabling the next generation of capital equipment solutions.

Celestica enables highly complex, high precision equipment for leaders in the display, semiconductor, and other capital equipment industries. As the largest end-to-end capital equipment manufacturer in the industry, our leadership is underpinned by our engineering expertise, ability to scale, and unique specialized vertical capabilities – driving your competitive advantage. 

Our range of semiconductor processing equipment and component solutions apply the latest in automation, robotics, contamination control, critical part management and outgassing parameters to deliver the quality and performance needed to power the most innovative products. Leading global display technology companies rely on our proven expertise in large systems integration for display manufacturing. With a network of global Centers of Excellence located in close proximity to our customers and end markets, we provide in-region solutions that drive both speed and cost advantage.

To do this you need the most advanced equipment - highly complex, custom-built with large form factors, specialized processes and using a diverse mix of components. Building this equipment requires a very specialized supply chain to support an extremely customized product.

Power Management Solutions

We are a leader in the production and system integration of power switching equipment – offering market-ready power management product solutions for large scale industrial, enterprise and capital equipment installations

With over 25 years of design and manufacturing experience in ultra-high complexity semiconductor equipment, industrial control panels and racks and an established supply global supply network, we can help you quickly implement and scale globally at competitive costs. 

We know our customers’ needs are always evolving. That’s why our product platforms are designed for maximum flexibility – allowing for rapid customization and launch in any geography. Our solutions will reduce your cost through supply chain leverage, accelerate your time-to-market with invested hardware solutions and protect your IP.

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Specialized Vertical Capabilities

We specialize in building highly integrated product solutions including structure, automation, and integrated subsystems — each customized to your requirements. Decades of experience and investments in technology, research and development, and engineering enable us to improve product performance and get you to market faster and more cost effectively. 

Our global operational network is second-to-none. Our customers enjoy the advantages of highly optimized Lean-based Centres of Excellence, specialized precision machining, custom enclosure capabilities and Class 10 cleanroom environments – all supported by a single consistent IT platform and high reliability labs.  This leadership allows us to deliver cost-competitive, quality manufacturing services from printed circuit assembly to ultra-complex systems integration and configuration. 

Our capital equipment capabilities include:

System Assembly and Integration 

  • Full system assembly
  • Final systems integration
  • Centres of Excellence supporting regional manufacturing requirements
  • Supply Chain Development
  • Product Launch and Transition Management

Build to Print

  • Precision Machining
    • Process
    • Peripherals
    • Assemblies
    • Welding and Sheet Metal
    • Box Build
    • Special Processes (Clean and Powder Coat)

Engineering Services

  • R&D and NPI support for the development of new product platforms
    • EFEM Modules
    • Vacuum Modules
    • Automation
    • Build to Print Components

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Celebrating 25 Years

Celestica turned 25 on January 3, 2019 – and what a quarter century it’s been. Starting with two facilities and 800 employees, Celestica has grown into a global company with over 35 sites and approximately 28,000 employees. Throughout our company’s history, we have remained focused on providing our customers with innovative new solutions and superior service. We are looking forward to the next 25 years!

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