Manufacturing Services

Through our manufacturing services, we reduce your costs, speed your products to market and help you gain a competitive edge.

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We apply the latest in advanced manufacturing techniques combined with Lean Six Sigma principles to bring your products to market—better, faster and smarter. Recognized for operational excellence and quality for highly regulated markets, we help you realize your vision—from new product launch to high-level systems assembly and ultra-high volume automated assembly.

We continue to invest in automation to connect our equipment, people and processes—improving productivity, quality, responsiveness, as well as accuracy of decision making throughout the product lifecycle. Throughout our global network our Centres of Excellence for automation focus on activities including robotics and system assembly, end-to-end applications integrated with test, automated manufacturing services, collaborative robots and autonomous guided vehicles.

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Automated Manufacturing Services

We leverage our experience and insight across a wide range of industries to develop specialized solutions, drive product innovation, cost savings, supply chain efficiencies and improved time-to-market. Our leading-edge automation and process stabilization techniques allow you to improve efficiency, scale rapidly and realize the quality and reliability you expect—at the most effective cost.

Our expert team manages highly complex operations with massive scale. Together with advanced security processes and investments in quality and reliability applications, we protect your IP while delivering the performance and reliability you demand. 

Our automated manufacturing services include:

  • Flexible 24/7 manufacturing with process optimization in highly automated environments
  • Design, install, commission, validate, operate and integrate automated manufacturing solutions
  • Operate, manage and improve a broad spectrum of automated processes
  • Robust risk management for compliance in regulated and controlled environments
  • Product development services, including line commission, installation and turnkey validation, facilities, maintenance, obsolescence and customer-specific lifecycle solutions
  • Customer-focused flexible labour models with assured quality
  • Customer-centric logistics support solutions

Quality and product assurance - product reliability and testing

System Integration and Test

When it comes to systems integration—flexibility, responsiveness, outstanding quality and low cost are essential. We offer full systems assembly services and custom build-to-order system solutions to respond to your needs.

We leverage our extensive knowledge of what works in the manufacturing world to design and test solutions that meet your specific requirements. Working in partnership, we analyze variables, weigh risks and balance the costs of designing, developing and deploying optimal, tailored test solutions.

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Quality and Product Assurance

We provide complete product reliability testing, inspection and qualification capabilities to support your full product lifecycle requirements. Our quality and product assurance teams perform product life testing and full circuit characterization to ensure that designs meet or exceed required specifications. We are capable of testing to various industry standards, and we work closely with you to execute unique test protocols, enabling you to assess certification risks early in the product development lifecycle, reducing cost and speed-to-market.

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Celebrating 25 Years

Celestica turned 25 on January 3, 2019 – and what a quarter century it’s been. Starting with two facilities and 800 employees, Celestica has grown into a global company with over 35 sites and approximately 28,000 employees. Throughout our company’s history, we have remained focused on providing our customers with innovative new solutions and superior service. We are looking forward to the next 25 years!

We imagine, develop and deliver a better future with our customers.