Supply Chain Services

Providing you with speed and resilience in a dynamic world.

Supply Chain 2022

Supply chains are under immense risk and pressure. We leverage local and global resources to deliver supply chain innovation on demand – so we can collectively rise up to the challenge, mitigate risk and enhance supply chain resilience.

Supply Chain Resilency

Through early engagement, we can better understand the complete needs of your supply chain, enabling us to build proactive parameters into the supply base development. This allows us to shift to a supply base that is less reactive, more predictable and responds quickly. 

Ongoing supply chain risk management is supported by industry leading predictive analytics tools and is managed through our dedicated team. Managing supply chain risk needs to be supported across the products entire lifecycle and our dedicated team and industry leading tools have you covered, enabling supply chain resiliency.

Innovation on demand

Innovation on Demand

We take an innovative approach to managing the supply chain – a  complete business model encompassing the talent and transformative tools needed to drive enhanced predictability, reliability and responsiveness. 

Our global supply chain experts understand, refine and build the best in intelligent supply chains – leveraging expertise in data analytics and strategic technologies to help you predict, plan and respond more effectively.

Demand planning

Supply Chain Planning Solutions

We harness the power of big data and powerful analytics to manage your forecast, quality and enhanced planning capability. We’ll help you make confident, informed decisions in minutes, rather than days.

Decades of supply chain excellency and integrity

Supply Chain Excellence

Celestica’s time-tested expertise, processes and tools enhance and optimize your supply chain – delivering smarter results.

Our supply chain services operationalize customized solutions quickly, so you can spend less time worrying about “how” and more time on delivering now.

Our supply chain planning services address each of your supply chain’s critical components – driving end-to-end visibility, accelerated full-cycle integration and predictable planning outcomes.

How can we help your business?

From engineering design, to prototype, manufacturing and beyond — Celestica is your trusted ecosystem partner that can scale and enable your complex technology solutions.