Aerospace & Defense

The leading product lifecycle solutions provider for the Aerospace & Defense industry.

Mother and young son looking at a tablet on a commercial airplane.

We drive innovation in the design, engineering, manufacture, and after-sales support of mission-critical applications – in aerospace, defense, and space.

Cockpit controls on a defense aircraft.

Enabling your competitive advantage

The leader in end-to-end electronics lifecycle solutions, Celestica enables customers in the aerospace, defense, UAV and space markets to accelerate innovation, launch high-quality systems and extend the life of their mission-critical products.

Our global expertise, scale and reach helps customers to accelerate competitiveness, access new markets and launch new products and solutions. We also provide alternatives for legacy products - freeing up OEM resources to focus on innovation, while retaining heritage revenue streams through our obsolescence management, maintenance repair, and overhaul (MRO), and product licensing solutions.

The Celestica Advantage

Industry Advantage

Celestica enables the world's leading aerospace and defense companies. We deliver solutions for high-reliability systems and sub-systems found on most commercial aircraft in service today and our ruggedized high-performance systems are embedded in hundreds of military platforms.

Certified Global Centers of Excellence

Our ITAR compliant and AS9100, NADCAP and CGP certified global network leverages world-class processes, management systems and a certified supply base to speed time-to-market, and drive cost competitiveness and quality. 

Single-Source Solution

We deliver full product lifecycle support with a focus on reliability, safety and quality — from product design to the extension of the product lifespan.

Accelerate Innovation

  • Commercial Aerospace
    Commercial aircraft.
    Commercial Aerospace

    With close to 20 years serving the world’s leading aerospace companies, we produce the highly engineered and reliable components, subsystems and systems found in virtually all commercial aircraft in service today. Our technical leadership in aviation spans cockpit avionics, in-flight entertainment, electronic controls, power distribution systems, landing systems and controls, and environmental control systems.

  • Defense-Air
    Defense aircraft, fighter jet.
    Celestica enables state-of-the-art technology deployment for leading air defense solutions - supplying rugged and reliable components and integrated systems. Our leadership spans secure communication, voice and data (RF and IP), avionics, cockpit, control and guidance electronics.
  • Defense-Sea
    Aircraft carrier and two other navy vessels in the open sea.
    Demand for shipboard electronics is driving a global surge in the development of unmanned vehicles, surface ship and submarines. For those applications, we provide shipboard solutions, sensors, and digital signal processing. Leading OEMs trust Celestica for support across the entire product lifecycle – from electronics design, to manufacturing and life-long support for mission-critical operations.
  • Defense-Land
    Two tanks in a desert.
    The broad portfolio of advanced land defense systems we support are designed for deployment in the harshest environments. From mobile or immobile radar systems, to communications systems and situational awareness electronics, Celestica’s state-of-the-art technology enables our customers to move forward with confidence.
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    drone in flight
    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

    Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are revolutionizing service delivery across industries. Celestica’s rapid industrialization and extensive expertise in ruggedization, microelectronics and robotics are speeding reliable drone applications to market. Areas of specialization include optoelectronics, vision systems, sensors, complex robotics systems/accessories, LiDAR and complex mechanical assembly.

  • Space
    satellite orbiting the Earth

    Celestica helps bring the future of satellite telecommunications to life. Our full, ruggedized optical offering and testing solutions enable reliable low earth orbit (LEO) satellite networks. Our areas of specialization span mechanical and vibration lab testing, SATCOM: circuit card assembly (CCA), LRUs, complex ATP, FCT/Design, wireless interface LRUs, optical alignment systems, harness/cable assemblies and reaction wheels. 


  • Product Development / Design to Spec
  • Embedded Systems & High Speed Digital Design
  • PCBA Design and Layout
  • Product Analysis / Risk Reduction
  • Signal Integrity Engineering, Optoelectronics, Miniaturization, Packaging 
  • Fabrication, Assembly
  • Process Development
  •  Product Commercialization
  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly, Surface Mount, Through-Hole, Hybrid
  • Technology Transfer, Product Transfer
Sub-Assembly and Full Systems Assembly
  • Cables & Harnesses 
  • Electromechanical
  • Box Build
  • Optical and Structural Test - AOI, AXI, Flying Probe, Boundary Scan
  • Functional Test Development 
  • Qualification, Testing and Environmental Screening
  • Potting, Conformal and Parylene Coating, Underfill, Staking & Bonding
  • Ruggedized Chassis
  • Assembly Cleaning
Failure Analysis
  • Metallurgical Analysis
  • Spectography
  • Electron Beam Microscope
Repair and Overhaul
  • Printed Circuit Cards, Subsystem Assemblies
  • Line Replaceable Units (LRUs)
  • FAR145 
Obsolescence Management
  • Component Selection 
  • Dual Source
  • Redesign 


  • AS 9100 Certified
  • AS 9110 Certified
  • Nadcap Accredited
  • CGP Certified
  • ITAR Compliant
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • J-STD-001/IPC-A-610 certified
  • ESA Part 145 certified
  • IPC J-STD-001 Space Addendum
  • FAA Part 145 certified
  • <br>
<td>NADCAP AC7120</td>
  • IPC-A-610 certified
  • IPC-WHM-A-62 certified
  • PMA FAR Part 21


From engineering design, to prototype, manufacturing and beyond — Celestica is your trusted ecosystem partner that can scale and enable your complex technology solutions.