Testing & Quality

End-to-end product testing and quality management – transforming your approach to meeting market demand.

Testing and Quality 2022

When every minute matters, there’s no time to second guess quality. Celestica helps you accelerate critical approval, verification, and quality management processes while ensuring regulatory compliance.

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Pre-compliance Testing

Managing certification requirements can be daunting. Celestica helps you navigate and accelerate the path to certification.  Our engineering support escorts products through the certification process – from early analysis of architecture and construction, to design recommendations that help you identify and address non-compliance, understand relevant standards for developing and registering products, and incorporate  EMC and EMI design best practices. 

    Newmarket Electronics Laboratory Services

    Test Services

    At Celestica, our scope and scale offers unequalled expertise. From the failure analysis of electronic card and product assemblies, industrial electro-mechanical products, to printed wiring board assemblies and so much more.   We are able to quickly understand the root cause of field failures and explain yield challenges across industries and markets.

    Product licensing services expertise - legacy products 

    Quality Management

    Our complete product reliability testing, inspection and qualification capabilities support your full product lifecycle requirements. 

    Our expert quality and product assurance teams perform product life testing and full circuit characterization to ensure designs meet or exceed required specifications. Testing to relevant industry standards, we work closely with you to execute unique test protocols and assess certification risks early in the product development lifecycle – enabling you to reduce cost and time-to-market.

    How Can We Help Your Business Grow?

    From engineering design, to prototype, manufacturing and beyond — Celestica is your trusted ecosystem partner that can scale and enable your complex technology solutions.