With advancements in communications changing the competitive landscape, we can help launch new technologies that drive innovation.

Communications Module 1

Tackling Complexity

Communications markets are evolving. At Celestica, we manage the most complex technologies and intricate supply chains, drawing on our award-winning global network to deliver simple, flexible solutions that adapt to the needs of this changing market. 

And, as the industry leader in optical systems electronics manufacturing services, we are focused on driving innovation in the supply chain by integrating optical components into our high-value offering, creating a leaner, more efficient and simpler value stream.

With a broad base of highly skilled engineers, and an unwavering focus on quality and execution throughout our operations, we can help you tackle your toughest challenges.

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Creating Value

Driving innovation in the communications market is core to who we are and what we do. To better serve you and meet your technological requirements, we are redefining manufacturing business models and finding new ways to create value.

Our manufacturing automation solutions are enabling radically different solutions for the future. Joint Design and Manufacturing (JDM) is completely changing the way we work with your business, expanding our traditional services to include hardware solutions for networking applications in the data centre and Wide Area Networks (WAN).

With strong partnerships across the communications ecosystem and a willingness to invest in innovation, Celestica is committed to finding and delivering value to our customers.


Delivering Market Expertise

For more than 25 years, Celestica has been immersed in the communications market and has a legacy of delivering uncompromising quality and flawless execution.

Our history in switching, routing, optical, wireless and data centre products provides us with unique insights and expertise that we leverage to keep us at the leading edge of technology. It’s this experience that enables us to deliver thoughtful, innovative and highly reliable solutions that meet your needs, every time.

Through our technical know-how and deep market expertise, we will navigate the complex, competitive and rapidly evolving communications market and deliver insights and proactive solutions to overcome the challenges of today and anticipate the opportunities of tomorrow.

Communications Capabilities

We offer product and supply chain solutions that span the product lifecycle, from concept to repair:

  • Joint Design and Manufacturing
  • Design Assist, Design Analysis and DFx
  • Rapid Prototyping / New Product Introduction
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Engineering and Test Solutions
  • Failure Analysis Services
  • Optical Component and Module Assembly
  • Printed Circuit Assembly and Test
  • Systems Assembly and Test
  • Complex System Integration
  • Fulfillment and Logistics Solutions
  • After-Market Services

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Celebrating 25 Years

Celestica turned 25 on January 3, 2019 – and what a quarter century it’s been. Starting with two facilities and 800 employees, Celestica has grown into a global company with over 35 sites and approximately 28,000 employees. Throughout our company’s history, we have remained focused on providing our customers with innovative new solutions and superior service. We are looking forward to the next 25 years!

We imagine, develop and deliver a better future with our customers.