At Celestica, we are committed to driving our sustainability initiative by collaborating with each other, as well as with our customers, suppliers and local communities to drive positive change and, ultimately, foster a company-wide culture of sustainability.

2017 Sustainability Report Cover Final

2017 Sustainability Report

Celestica’s 2017 Sustainability Report highlights our key activities and milestones for each of our focus areas, including employee sustainability, environmental sustainability, material stewardship, sustainable solutions and sustainable communities.

Sustainability Report: PDF (10MB)

Archived Sustainability Reports

External Recognition

  • Best 50 Corporate Citizens, Corporate Knights (2017, 2016, 2015)
  • Excellence in Sustainability, Cisco (2016)
  • Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World, Corporate Knights (2016, 2015)
  • Canada Climate Disclosure Leadership Index, CDP (2015)
  • Green Supply Chain Award, Supply and Demand Chain Executive (SDCE) (2016, 2015, 2014)

The Environment Module

The Environment

We are committed to being an environmentally responsible partner. Ensuring we have safe, efficient and environmentally conscious operating and manufacturing processes.

We measure our emissions performance, ensuring comprehensive tracking of our global emissions using internal sustainability software. We focus on transparency by reporting emissions to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and continuously improve disclosure and performance scores. 

We work to reduce our demand for energy through conservation, improving energy efficiency of equipment and processes, certifying all of our sites to ISO 50001:2011 and including renewable energy to reduce our demand on the power grid.

We partner with responsible vendors to ensure proper management of waste. We utilize the waste management hierarchy to reduce wastes generated, reuse materials where possible and recycle prior to landfill disposition. 

Sustainable Solutions Module

Sustainable Solutions

We are committed to working with our customers to realize their sustainability goals in a safe, energy efficient and environmentally conscious manner.

By examining a product through its entire product lifecycle, we can optimize the product’s sustainability from components and manufacturing through to transportation and reverse logistics. We mitigate the environmental impacts of the products and services that we provide our customers by providing an analyses of the bill of materials (BOM) for product designs, ensuring the components and assembly materials we use are Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant, perform lifecycle assessments, manage our operations efficiently, implement continuous improvement activities to streamline processes, and adhere to the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) (formerly the EICC) Code of Conduct.

We are well positioned to encourage more sustainable practices for both our customers and our suppliers, and to drive sustainability through the supply chain.

Our Employees

Our Employees

Building a strong, sustainable and engaged workforce is the foundation of our success. The health and well-being of our global workforce is of paramount importance. Providing a safe workplace fosters strong employee engagement and employee well-being. 

Globally, we have defined a framework whereby all sites are required to measure and report on their environmental, health and safety (EHS) performance regularly. Our global EHS team is responsible for building and executing robust internal and external audit programs, identifying risks and proactive risk management, developing and communicating safety training materials, and harmonizing key process indicators globally.

To enable employees to share best practices and innovative ideas on reducing waste, saving energy and making healthier lifestyle choices at work and at home, we launched a Sustainable Workspace program available in all of our operating languages and tailored to reflect the diverse cultures of our employees around the globe. 



We strive to enhance the communities in which we operate by encouraging employee volunteerism and through the donation of our expertise. 

Click here (PDF 0.05MB) for a list of site contacts.

Our Time Off to Volunteer program allows all Celestica employees to take up to two paid days per year to volunteer with recognized charitable organizations. 

In 2014, Celestica donated 800 solar panels to the Hôpital Albert Schweitzer (HAS) Haiti, the only 24/7 hospital available to some 350,000 people in the Artibonite Valley of Haiti. The hospital was faced with a challenge—an unreliable energy solution. Each year, HAS spent over $400,000 on diesel to run its off-grid generators, an expensive and unpredictable solution as there is no backup for frequent brownouts. Our solar panel donation enabled HAS to save more than 20 per cent of its annual energy costs. In addition, by using green energy, 200 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions will be eliminated each year.

Celestica Haiti Project

Aspirational Goals

In 2013, we established five aspirational goals to guide our sustainability journey. These sustainability goals are common throughout our global organization and will help to ensure that all employees understand what we are working to achieve with regards to our sustainability initiative.

  • Reduce our absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent of 2012 levels by 2020
  • Have 50 per cent of our workforce take time off to volunteer in their communities in every year by 2020
  • Achieve 100 per cent waste diversion by 2020
  • Have 100 per cent of eligible employees participate in the Sustainable Workspace program by 2020

We imagine, develop and deliver a better future with our customers.