Partnering with healthcare companies to drive better patient outcomes.

HealthTech 2022

Medical device companies turn to Celestica for full product lifecycle solutions that deliver high-quality, critical products to global markets.

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From early-stage companies to multinational healthcare brands, we build and sustain strong relationships – our design, manufacturing and supply chain solutions, commitment to quality, regulatory compliance, and heritage of technology leadership.

Celestica Advantage

Speed & Expertise

We bring over 15 years’ proven expertise in Class II and Class III medical devices, from high level assembly to finished goods.

Certified Global Capacity

Our FDA-registered and ISO 13485 certified sites provide engineering and advanced manufacturing solutions for flawless execution.

Qualified Supplier Network

We shorten lead times through in-region support and localization of pre-qualified packaging, plastics and metals suppliers.

Celestica health tech employee using a microscope

The Celestica Advantage

Speed & Expertise
Proven expertise in enabling  a broad range of Class II and Class III medical devices. Extensive experience in electro-mechanical systems including high-level assembly and finished goods.  

Certified Global Capacity 
FDA-registered and ISO 13485 certified manufacturing sites supported by advanced manufacturing automation for flawless execution.

Qualified Supplier Network
In-region support and localization of pre-qualified packaging, plastics, and metals suppliers for faster lead time.

Markets we serve

  • Surgical Instruments
    Three surgeons in an operating room. 
    Surgical Instruments

    Celestica is the leading manufacturer for a broad range of advanced surgical tools and instruments – enabling medical OEMs to deliver the highest quality life-saving products where they are needed most. From high-volume single-use devices, to minimally invasive surgical tools, we have the capabilities to accelerate your product to market quickly, while meeting stringent regulatory standards.

  • Patient monitoring Devices
    Healthcare professional looking at a digital screen displaying a patient's vitals. 
    Patient monitoring Devices

    As medical monitoring devices continue to evolve, we work closely with our customers to ensure flawless execution. Our global team is passionate about enabling the design, manufacture and delivery of advanced patient monitoring devices – supporting a variety of connected, preventative patient monitoring solutions for the hospital or the home.

  • Diagnostic Imaging
    Female patient receiving an ultrasound with her male partner and ultrasound technician. 
    Diagnostic Imaging

    With extensive experience across a wide range of diagnostic imaging products, our global, certified Centers of Excellence deliver on all manufacturing needs – from printed circuit board assemblies and complex sub-assemblies to highly complex full system builds. Our network also enables industry-leading test and value engineering services to accelerate time-to-market while ensuring uncompromising regulatory compliance.

  • Neurostimulation
    Multiple views of a scanned brain on a digital display screen.

    In a highly regulated space where failure is not an option, OEMs turn to Celestica for design, engineering, rapid prototyping and new product introduction. Our automation and value engineering capabilities and risk mitigating design for supply chain (DSC) solutions enable customers to meet demand and optimize costs.

  • Renal Dialysis
    Renal dialysis machines in a healtcare setting. 
    Renal Dialysis

    In a world where over four million patients require dialysis care, the efficient design, development and delivery of highly complex renal dialysis devices requires a significant depth of expertise.  Celestica brings a wealth of experience across many components of dialysis equipment – including printed circuit board assemblies, displays, touch pads and screens, digital scales, pump assemblies, and electromechanical assemblies – and can provide end-to-end lifecycle support from design to after-market support.

  • In-vitro diagnostics
    Female lab technician preparing centrifuge. 
    In-vitro diagnostics

    As the world faces increased requirements for testing and early diagnosis to aid in disease prevention, many OEMs are accelerating their innovations to meet demand. Leveraging a depth of experience in delivering technology solutions for a wide array of in-vitro diagnostic devices, Celestica can help OEMs meet rising demand while achieving cost targets.

  • Dental Equipment
    Dental patient being examined. 
    Dental Equipment

    Amid increasing innovation in dental radiology devices, Celestica can provide OEM’s with rapid prototyping and NPI – helping them to achieve cost targets, navigate regulatory requirements and mitigate supply chain challenges. We leverage our certified global network, and leadership in technology, prototyping and supply chain management to support our customers’ Class II medical devices –  dental radiology equipment of all sizes.

  • Robotics
    Surgical robotics and optics in an operating room 

    With decades of experience in HealthTech manufacturing, we’re enabling robotics solutions that are revolutionizing the future of medical care. HealthTech applications include: diagnostic robotics, robotic-assisted surgery, rehabilitation robotics, hospital delivery robotics, telemedicine opportunities, robotic prescription dispensing systems and sanitation and disinfection robotics.

Design Engineering Services

Our design & engineering teams deliver innovative solutions to optimize product design, quality and manufacturability. Whether ensuring a new healthcare product design is robust and meets regulatory requirements, to enabling design readiness for manufacture at scale – engaging Celestica will help minimize potential product risks and enable the best possible patient outcomes. 

Celestica health tech employee working in a level 6 clean room

Quality - In All We Do and Everyone We Do it For

With so much at stake, healthcare companies require an experienced partner with a quality mindset to navigate complex regulatory requirements.

Quality is Celestica’s top priority. We work with regulatory groups to apply processes, pre-launch rigor and best-in-class QMS standards to reduce approval time, speed time-to-market and avoid post-launch issues.

Core to our diligent support of customers’ quality standards is our ability to provide traceability and electronic device history records (eDHR) for/in the products we build - reducing room for error and enabling full transparency.

Building a Resilient Supply Chain Transparent

Building a Resilient Supply Chain

Download our latest white paper, which examines how to anticipate and proactively manage challenges, understand vulnerabilities, focus on risk management, and leverage market intelligence and predictive analytics to monitor supply chain resilience.


Product Development and Design Engineering
  • Full suite of services from concept to realization
  • Support for Clinical Trials
  • Rapid Prototyping & NPI
Advanced Manufacturing
  • Flexible 24/7 Automated Manufacturing
  • Clean Room Manufacturing
  • Ultra-High & High Volume Disposables
Complex System Assemblies and Integration
  • PCBA, HLA, System Builds
  • Electromechanical
  • Miniaturization & Microelectronics
Finished Medical Devices
  • FDA-registered Sites
  • Robust Quality Management Systems
  • Product Validation & Testing
Supply Chain Optimization
  • Global Network of Suppliers
  • Design for Supply Chain
  • Risk Management 
After-Market Services
  • Returns and Decontamination
  • Refurbishment, Repair, Recovery & Recycling
  • Logistics & Fullfillment 


  • ISO 13485
  • FDA Registered 

How can we help your business?

From engineering design, to prototype, manufacturing and beyond — Celestica is your trusted ecosystem partner that can scale and enable your complex technology solutions.