Big Question: How do we power a more sustainable future?

  • Celestica  |
  • 2017-11-21
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The energy landscape is changing. Technology innovation and rising demand for renewable energy infrastructure are altering the way energy is distributed, consumed and monitored.

Electronics are powering this transformation. Power management devices, integrated into roof-mount solar panels, convert and optimize energy at the source. Solar utility fields and wind farms use massive power converters to send energy to the grid. Smart meters and hubs provide insight into energy usage and allow consumers to remotely manage energy consumption. And the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) is driving increased demand for charging stations and battery storage.

As ‘smart’ energy infrastructure evolves, speed, cost and quality have become the new table stakes for delivering stable, reliable and cost-effective clean energy alternatives. Market leaders are faced with big questions around product reliability, data security, grid efficiency, cost competitiveness, government policies, regulatory requirements and safety. The most successful OEMs are nimble, building flexibility into growth strategies to meet the needs of governments, industries and individuals. They engage with partners like Celestica to help ensure they get to market quickly, cost effectively and at the right quality and reliability levels.

With more than a decade of experience in renewable energy, Celestica understands the market, technology and product challenges our customers are facing.  We work with the leaders in renewable energy, helping them build right-sized, sustainable supply chains that deliver a competitive advantage. Our global footprint, advanced automation solutions and relentless focus on quality and continuous improvement ensures our customers gain the productivity, reliability and performance advantages they need to meet market and regional requirements.

Faster innovation is key to staying ahead in this dynamic and fiercely competitive market. Celestica’s Joint Design and Manufacturing model is a clear innovation advantage for our customers. We work collaboratively with them, bringing design and technical expertise, proven manufacturing excellence, and market and product insight to enable high-reliability smart energy product solutions that speed-up product development cycles. A great example is Celestica’s recently launched safety management hardware solution for roof-mounted solar. This rapid disconnect system integrates easily into solar installations, enabling our customers to launch complete system solutions to market quickly and cost-effectively, while meeting regulatory and safety requirements.

As demand in the smart energy market continues to evolve, and products become increasingly intelligent and complex, Celestica provides the edge our customers need to design, develop and deliver truly innovative smart energy products that power a more sustainable future.  Learn more about Smart Energy Solutions at Celestica.