Big Question: How Do We Shape the Future of the Internet?

  • Celestica  |
  • 2018-01-16
Future of the Internet_Blog

It’s hard to believe the Internet began as a simple research and communications network. Today, it supports a vast array of networks, data, applications and devices from smartphones to sensors, and cars to computers. All smart, all connected. Huge amounts of data are generated, placing incredible demands on datacenter and network infrastructure that must grow exponentially to keep up with the rising traffic.

At Celestica, we know our customers need to build out network and datacenter capacity quickly in a challenging market environment. And we understand they can’t rely on traditional technologies to connect and support the Internet of Things. They need innovative platforms to build faster, smarter networks and to optimize storage and compute functions. With that understanding, we have invested in designing and building next-generation hardware platforms and solutions, customized to support our customers’ strategies, so they can focus on software and services and create unique, differentiated end products for their markets. 

Celestica is a pioneer in datacenter and networking. We’ve been helping our customers design and build industry-leading hardware for more than 20 years – enterprise-class quality, flexibility and delivery are part of our heritage. Our deep experience with switching, storage, converged/hyper-converged servers and Flash memory gives us unique insight and enables us to drive hardware innovation that meets our customers’ unique and challenging requirements. Along with this heritage comes our recognized global manufacturing excellence and scale, our supply chain expertise and our strong supplier partnerships that help our customers ensure high quality while reducing their cost of going to market.

That’s how we help shape the future of the Internet. Our highly trained design and engineering teams understand what the market needs, and where breakthrough technologies are emerging. We are committed to building reliable, innovative, high quality solutions because we know there can be no compromise when it comes to the mission-critical network and datacenter platforms connected by today’s Internet. We work hand-in-hand with our customers, driving innovation and helping them rise to the challenges of rapidly evolving markets.

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