Building a Resilient Healthcare Supply Chain

  • Celestica  |
  • 2023-04-11
HT Supply Chain

Major events like the COVID-19 global pandemic, the closure of the Suez Canal and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have demonstrated the fragility of global supply chains and the far reaching impact on sectors everywhere.

For healthcare OEMs, supply chain interruptions have greater implications than missing  production deadlines. Most significantly, supply chain volatility can delay the delivery of life-saving medical devices and equipment when they are needed the most.

Our latest white paper, Building a Resilient Supply Chain: How to Mitigate Supply Risk and Enhance Patient Care, discusses the serious impact of supply chain disruptions for medical companies and patients who depend on medical devices. It also highlights the importance of an agile and resilient supply chain and best-in-class strategies that help medical device companies avoid and mitigate disruptions, including engaging suppliers in the product research and development phase, well before production begins. This enables OEMs to build a high-performing supply chain with the flexibility to enable commercial scale-ups, cost-effectively and with greater stability.

For more strategies, download our free white paper.