Celestica and Broadcom: Partnering to Design the Future

  • Celestica  |
  • 2020-12-18
Celestica and Broadcom: Partnering to Design the Future

Internet traffic is growing at a remarkable rate as machine learning, cloud computing, IoT and AI drive business and consumer demand for higher processing speeds and lower latency. Celestica’s hardware plays a critical role in enabling this growth, and one of the keys to our success is our strategic collaboration with key ecosystem partners as we invest in market-leading, innovative hardware solutions for datacenter and IT infrastructure markets.

Celestica’s collaboration with Broadcom, incorporating their leading-edge technologies into our product designs, has grown into a solid partnership, producing a wide array of advanced solutions for our customers, including our Silverstone 400G Networking series and NVMe-based storage solutions.

We sat down with Ram Velaga, Broadcom’s SVP and General Manager, Switch Products Division; and Steven Dorwart, VP and General Manager, Service Provider Solutions at Celestica, to discuss how and why the companies’ relationship has developed into a truly strategic partnership.

To learn more about Celestica’s Hardware Platform Solutions offering, view a sample of our product portfolio and download our catalogue from the recent SuperCompute 2020 conference.