Introducing Celestica’s SC6100 – A Performance Storage Controller for the Enterprise

  • Celestica  |
  • 2023-07-28
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Celestica is introducing  a new all-flash storage controller that balances performance, scalability and cost. Celestica’s SC6100 storage controller maximizes value and agility for enterprises looking to implement fast, powerful and low-cost flash storage solutions.  

As application workloads continue to grow and the demand for higher performance, lower latency solutions intensifies, enterprise customers are looking for modern storage infrastructure  with faster interconnects to support their demanding workloads.  

Celestica’s SC6100 storage controller builds on our proven expertise and cutting-edge portfolio of storage, compute and networking hardware platform solutions.

Optimized for speed, scalability and performance, the SC6100 is well-suited for enterprise storage needs, and built for multi-tenant, high-bandwidth applications such as data analytics, HPC and AI. Benefits of the SC6100 include:

Increased Performance: Celestica’s SC6100 storage controller takes advantage of the unparalleled performance of AMD EPYC 9004 series microprocessors to deliver high-core counts with PCIe Gen 5 that double the performance of previous PCIe Gen 4 along with lower latency. The SC6100 also supports high-bandwidth I/O, up to 400GbE.

Versatile Scale-Out Architecture: The design enables organizations to select an AMD 4th Gen EPYC Processor with the core count to meet their performance needs. In addition, PCIe Gen 5 offers the highest bandwidth per SSD, improving I/O performance and reducing latency.

Built-in Security and Data Protection: Coupled with partner software, the controller is able to efficiently manage data redundancy and recovery mechanisms to help protect against data loss and enable high availability of critical data.

Improved Efficiency with Cost Savings: AMD EPYC 9004 series processors enable CPU and memory bandwidth intensive storage services, such as data deduplication, encryption and compression, while maintaining high performance. By optimizing data storage services, organizations can achieve better storage utilization and lower overall storage costs.

Simplified Management: Intuitive in-box management interfaces and tools, such as Redfish, simplify storage administration and monitoring and allow IT administrators to efficiently configure, monitor and troubleshoot the storage infrastructure, reducing complexity to enable more streamlined operations. 

SC6100 V2

Having the right enterprise storage infrastructure to support modern, high-demand workloads is critical for any company. Where low latency is paramount, such as in video surveillance, the SC6100 has the capacity and performance to handle large volumes of video data, ensuring continuous recording, retrieval, and analysis of surveillance footage. And with its ability to facilitate backup operations and ensure data availability and recoverability in the event of a disaster, the SC6100 is the go-to for backup and disaster recovery.