Introducing the DS4101—The Latest Addition to Celestica's 800G Family of Network Switches

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  • 2023-11-13
Introducing the DS4101 - The Latest Addition to Celestica's 800G Family of Network Switches

Celestica’s portfolio of network switches can help organizations of every size tackle the demands of high bandwidth/low latency networking needs fueled by the growth of modern data center-based applications like AI-ML, cloud and data-intensive edge use cases.

We are proud to introduce the latest addition to our portfolio: the DS4101, a powerful data center switch with 25.6 Tbps of throughput in a compact 1RU form factor through 32 flexible ports.

The DS4101 – Powerful, Flexible, Open

The DS4101 is a new networking system that combines the compactness of a 1RU 100G SerDes system (versus legacy systems of 64x400GbE in 2RU 50G SerDes technology) in a powerful, flexible, open design.

Bandwidth Performance is Key

Many modern applications like AI-ML, HPC and cloud applications require massive bandwidth to operate at peak efficiency. As demand for modern applications increase, it’s a race between software (creating the ‘demand’) and hardware (providing the ‘supply’) to keep pace with growing capacity needs. An inefficient data center network, with slow speeds or high latency, will reduce processing times by disrupting real-time or near real-time computing ability. And with the increased growth of both cloud and edge computing, transferring data from where the data is generated to where the data gets processed is also putting demands on network performance and latency.  The DS4101 was designed to address all of these issues and support high-bandwidth data center applications.

An Open Design Can Save On Costs

A large portion of the cost of legacy network systems vendors goes to software and support. A recent story by Timothy Prickett Morgan in the Next Platform, “Making it Easier to Break the SONiC Barrier for Networking,” asserts that one vendor’s software and support constitutes about 40% of the price of the networking system. The DS4101 provides an open and flexible approach for companies wanting a no vendor lock-in management software by delivering network automation at scale through open NOS offerings like SONiC.

Flexibility Allows for More with Less

Fewer and more flexible systems that can cover more use cases are better than managing multiple system types. The DS4101 offers a host of flexible options to enable organizations to deploy fewer types of switches, yet cover more use cases. These options include: networking port speed options from 10GbE to 400GbE, flexible processor and memory options. The DS4101 makes it easier to scale and deploy systems that take care of more than one type of use case. The DS4101 is optimized for several key use-cases including:

  • Next-Gen Enterprise Data Centers
  • High-Performance Edge Locations
  • Hyperscale Data Centers and Cloud Computing
  • Network Backbones (400GbE / 800G Leaf / Spine)

See What a Powerful, Open and Flexible 800G System Can Do

Performance demands on networks will continue to accelerate for the foreseeable future.  Organizations that position powerful, flexible and open systems to confront the demand for bandwidth in a scalable, cost-effective and space-saving manner, will be better positioned to serve stakeholders who rely on modern applications to meet their needs.

For more information about the DS4101, view our product page and come see us at the Supercomputing Conference (SC23) in Denver from November 13-17. Drop by booth #575 to see the DS4101 and DS5000, our new 800G networking switches, and to speak to our design experts.