Rack Integration from Design to Deployment and Beyond: Celestica at CloudFest 2023

  • Celestica  |
  • 2023-03-14
Cloudfest 2023

The theme of this year’s CloudFest conference — “The Resilient Cloud” — perfectly encapsulates the challenges the industry has faced over the last few years. Pandemic-induced supply chain disruptions, parts and components shortages, and the ever-increasing demand enterprises and consumers worldwide place on public cloud service providers creates  business growth challenges and opportunities. 

Today, data center infrastructure providers, operators, co-location and systems integrators require trusted and experienced organizations to deliver faster, smarter and more innovative integrated rack solutions. Celestica’s world-class engineering teams, global footprint, optimized supply chain, and extensive portfolio of storage, compute and networking Hardware Platform Solutions help our data center customers optimize their applications, lower their R&D costs, accelerate their deployment schedules and gain a competitive advantage.

Rack Design: Begin at the Beginning

Celestica’s engineering expertise and ongoing investments in our portfolio of cutting-edge hardware platform solutions and integration services enable our customers to navigate rapidly evolving market landscapes and capitalize on new opportunities as soon as they arise.

Any successful rack integration project begins at the design phase. Whether the rack is designed by the customer, by our engineering team, or jointly designed by Celestica and the customer, we work to ensure optimal architectural setup, application performance and manufacturability.

When the project is ready to move into production, we apply the latest in advanced manufacturing techniques combined with Lean Six Sigma principles to bring your products to market faster and with the highest level of quality. Our manufacturing services extend from L1 (system / component assembly) through to complete L12 (fully functional, tested turnkey systems), leveraging automated manufacturing solutions wherever possible to accelerate time-to-deployment.

In addition to design, productization, and testing, Celestica manages all other phases of a customer’s rack integration project including configuration-to-order, fulfillment, warehousing, logistics and support services, including IT asset disposition when systems reach end-of-life. 

Rack Integration: Regional Supply Chain Solutions

Celestica’s regional rack integration services in Europe, Asia and North America ensures added security and more sustainable distribution of rack solutions across the globe. Temperature-controlled facilities and robust receiving and inspection capabilities enable speedy, efficient operations and cost-effective solutions. This global footprint combined with our expertise in supply chain management enables us to deliver solutions worldwide to ensure customers’ finished products move quickly and efficiently to their destinations.

Strengthen Resilience, Accelerate Growth

CloudFest’s organizers state that, “business continuity in the face of disruption requires resilient architecture: everyone working in the Cloud must learn how to maximize uptime, avoid data loss, and not sacrifice speed for security.” Celestica will be exhibiting at this year’s conference to explain how our rack integration expertise and capabilities can play critical roles in building resilient data center architecture. 

If you missed out at CloudFest 2023, you can keep in touch by visiting our website anytime to learn more about how our leading-edge portfolio of cloud-optimized hardware solutions, converged racks and hyperconverged enclosures, provides everything you need for seamless data center deployments.  Alternatlively, follow us on Linkedin