Robotics OEMs are Transforming the Future of Healthcare

  • Celestica  |
  • 2021-11-23
Robotics OEMs are Transforming the Future of Healthcare

Two global forces are converging to create immediate growth opportunities for healthtech robotics OEMs: the steady advancement of cutting-edge technologies like advanced imaging, sensing, computer vision, and artificial intelligence; and the rising demand among healthcare providers for solutions that will help them improve patient outcomes and deliver high-quality care to more people worldwide. 

Celestica’s latest white paper, Design to Delivery: The Future of Robotics in Healthcare, examines how OEMs can seize these opportunities and beat their competitors to market by accelerating their product development lifecycles from design, to build at scale, to delivery.

The key to success is embracing a Design for Manufacturability mindset that incorporates manufacturing and quality control considerations early in the product design phase. Another key factor to consider is to adopt a Design for Quality approach. This will ensure the design and manufacture of a robotics solution achieves compliance with FDA and EU regulations that require conformance and documentation to international standards such as ISO13485.

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