The State of Aerospace & Defense 2020: Rapid Change Calls For Laser Focus

  • Celestica  |
  • 2019-12-02
Aerospace and Defense 2020 Report:  Laser focus header

The Aerospace & Defense (A&D) industry is getting set to enter 2020, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) supporting it face greater challenges than ever before in how to deliver the highest value to customers and maintain a competitive edge. Change – and challenges – are coming at the industry fast, from the increasing frequency and size of M&A transactions to chronic materials shortages and rising prices, escalating global trade tensions and new competitors. 
Aerospace and Defense 2020 Report At a Gllance

To thrive in this environment, OEMs must determine what matters most amidst the volatility. Where do you need to focus your efforts? How nimbly can you adapt? How can you prepare for the future? 

Celestica’s second annual ‘The State of Aerospace and Defense’ report highlights smart strategies for success in this new era, marked by rapid change, where companies must manage issues of critical importance in innovation, design, production, quality, and productivity head-on and at high speed.

The Big Question: Core vs Non-Core?

Core vs non-core evaluations are fundamental to long term success. For OEMs intent on staying competitive, the answer comes through a sober evaluation of the business:  what is essential to their long-term objectives, what will continue to delight the customer, and what should be outsourced to trusted partners. The path forward must be a laser focus on core competencies.

The report looks at three areas where core vs non-core assessments are critical to driving competitive advantage:

●     Design for excellence throughout the product lifecycle

●     Improve supply chain agility

●     Maintain legacy systems and product continuity

Download the full report, The State of Aerospace and Defense - 2020 now to learn how core vs. non-core assessments and strategic partnerships can help OEMs accelerate success, fend off global rivals and contribute to the strength of the value chain in this era of constant change.