Industrial & Smart Energy

Building a safer, greener, healthier, and more productive tomorrow.

renewable energy featuring a woman leaning on her charging E-vehicle with solar panels in the background 

As a leader in power electronics, we enable innovative and scalable industrial and smart energy solutions – powering a more sustainable future.

Design Develop Deliver

Our integrated solutions and proven leadership in power electronics span the entire product lifecycle – from design, to development and delivery.

We partner with leading Industrial and Smart Energy companies to take their ideas further and faster into the future. 

With over 25 years of expertise in high-reliability design, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain solutions, we help our customers to take the next leap towards a safer, healthier, greener and more productive world. 

Celestica Advantage

Proven Expertise

Our combined market and product launch expertise for full product lifecycle support. 

Industry Experience

15-year legacy driving innovative renewable energy solutions. 

Global Reach

Our network of over 40 locations gives you the flexibility to meet your in-region requirements.

Proven Expertise in Power Electronics

  • Energy Generation
    Energy Generation 2022
    Energy Generation

    Demand continues to grow for clean, uninterrupted alternative energy generation and delivery.  We work alongside customers to design, develop and deliver robust solutions that adapt to shifting environmental changes and power distribution and generation systems. 

    Our leadership in renewable energy, power electronics and complex electromechanical systems helps you launch energy generation products to market and optimizes performance, reliability, quality, cost and regulatory compliance.

  • Energy Storage
    Energy Sotrage 2022
    Energy Storage

    Grid stability for renewable energy generation, backup power and peak demand support, energy storage drives the zero-emission technologies of the future and generates new revenue streams for individuals and industry. 

    Celestica leverages its experience in energy storage, solar, wind, and power electronics to enable complex residential, commercial, industrial and grid applications.

  • Industrial Automation
    Industrial Automation and Robotics
    Industrial Automation

    We bring bold, innovative, energy efficient solutions to market. Our technical building blocks and deep understanding of your market and customer requirements enables us to design, develop and deliver industrial automation, drives and robotic solutions.  

    Celestica’s  technical experts help you to realize high-quality, rugged, reliable solutions – driving precision and productivity while meeting robust industry standards.

  • Smart Buildings
    Smart City
    Smart Buildings

    The way we live, work and play is changing – accelerating demand for smart building solutions and creating a more sustainable future.  Our customers’ innovations enable building efficiencies, and create a safer, healthier, more ergonomic environment. 

    We have the market knowledge, engineering expertise and technical building blocks to design, develop and deliver innovative, scalable smart building solutions.

  • EV Charging
    EV Charging 2022
    EV Charging

    Electrification is transforming the mobility industry – creating demand for reliable charging infrastructure and assets. 

    Celestica’s capability and flexibility enables customers to meet demand for reliable EV charging technologies – helping leading innovators to design, scale, deliver and maintain their infrastructure. Our deep understanding of market requirements – including design specifications, protocols, quality standards and government regulations – ensures maximum installed performance.

  • Mobility Power & Safety
    Mobility Power 2022
    Mobility Power & Safety

    As vehicle electrification accelerates, the need for improved range, reliable performance and battery management systems rises.

    Celestica’s power electronics experience and design, engineering and automation technology expertise speeds innovative automotive products to market.  Our experienced, certified global network specializes in an array of on-vehicle applications including integrated inverters, ADAS, LiDAR, battery management systems, power converters and other power applications.

  • Test and Measurement
    Test and Measurement
    Test and Measurement

    You’re challenged to power innovation in an ultra-complex radio frequency (RF) environment.  From equipment advancements, to network monitoring and next-gen networks, Celestica ensures your solutions thrive.

    Whether you need to launch your latest product to market, or a more flexible, resilient supply chain to manage your high-mix, low-volume portfolio,  Celestica’s deep technical knowledge can enable your success.

Sustainable technology, solar panels, energy storage and wind turbines in an urban setting. 

What is a Smart Energy Ecosystem?

A smart energy ecosystem is an integrated network of products and technologies that optimizes the generation, storage, distribution, consumption, and management of energy. Together with our customers, we design, develop, and deliver innovative products across the smart energy ecosystem at scale, quickly, cost-effectively, and with unparalleled quality.


Design and Engineering
  • Product Development
  • Design Analysis, Design Assist (DFx) 
  • Microelectronics, Ruggedization
Supply Chain Services
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Design and Analytics
  • Regional and Global Supplier Network
New Product Introduction
  • Prototyping
  • Flawless Launch
Advanced Manufacturing
  • Electronics Manufacturing, PCBA, Electromechanical Assembly
  • High Level Systems Integration
  • Advanced automation  
Test Services
  • Test Development
  • Complex Functional Test Design
  • ICT, Environmental, Thermal
After-Market Services
  • Repair, Refurbish
  • Visibility and Support
  • End-of-life Product Management


  • ISO 90001
  • ISO 140001
  • IATF 16949
  • VDA 6.3

How can we help your business?

From engineering design, to prototype, manufacturing and beyond — Celestica is your trusted ecosystem partner that can scale and enable your complex technology solutions.