Diversity and Inclusion: A better future together

We value the diversity and uniqueness of our employees, knowing that when everyone can bring their true authentic self to work, we perform at our best.

We all have different backgrounds, unique perspectives and varied experiences. But wherever we work, whatever we do, our values - teamwork, ingenuity, confidence and care - unites us. With this, we treat each other with respect, value each other’s contributions and foster a work environment in which everyone can thrive. 

This is our commitment to building a better future together.

Female Brown Employee smiling in an office setting with other employees out of focus behind her.

Our Employee Resource Groups

Celestica’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) connect dedicated employees who share a common identity or similar life experiences. These groups build a sense of inclusion and create an environment in which everyone feels valued and encouraged to be their authentic selves. ERGs are open to any employee who shares the common identity of the group or would like to support the group as an advocate or ally.

The mission of the Celestica Black Employee Network is to elevate Black employee representation at Celestica by creating and promoting an inclusive environment. This group fosters professional development and leadership opportunities with a focus on the recruitment, retention and advancement of black employees at all levels of the organization.

The mission of the Celestica Pride Network is to create an inclusive environment in which LGBTQ2SIA+ members can feel safe to be their authentic selves and create an open forum for allies to seek understanding.

The mission of the Celestica Women’s Network is to develop and enable women, engage men and promote an inclusive and diverse environment. This group focuses on learning and development, global collaboration, giving back to our local communities to advocate for women.

The mission of the Celestica Indigenous Affinity Group is to create opportunities for employees to learn, engage and become more aware of Indigenous experiences, culture and history to foster an inclusive environment within Celestica.

We imagine, develop and deliver a better future with our customers.