A Bold New Day for Celestica

  • Rob Mionis  |
  • 2017-09-19
Rob Mionis Brand Launch

You’ll notice something different about Celestica today: we have an entirely new visual identity, including a new logo. This bold new look is the visual representation of the changes happening throughout our company. From the markets we serve, to the customers and partners we work with, the new Celestica today is more dynamic, innovative and helpful to our customers than ever before.

For more than 20 years, Celestica has been a trusted partner, known for delivering reliability and fueling innovation. Change is not a new concept for us. As our customers have grown and evolved, we too have also been on a transformational journey to ensure we continue to meet their needs, today and in the future. The brand we unveiled today underscores a commitment to helping our customers realize greater value, potential and outcomes.

Our customers leverage our insight to address critical challenges and help unlock potential in their own businesses. As part of our journey, we have taken our customer-centric approach to the next level. This means becoming more deeply entrenched in our customers’ markets, listening more intently to their needs and preempting their challenges with actionable solutions.

While we embrace change, many aspects of our company’s DNA remain constant. Celestica has always been, and will continue to be, defined by our people. Every day our team members solve our customers’ most complex technology challenges through a combination of insight, integrity and a relentless pursuit of quality. Our deep market expertise gives us the ability to anticipate future changes, imagine the solutions, and then design, manufacture, and execute – flawlessly.

This is just the beginning of a bold new era for Celestica. In today’s globalized business landscape, with technology converging, regulations and standards tightening, and supply chains fragmenting, the challenges facing our customers are greater and more complex than ever before. They have big questions that require bold answers – that’s what drives us to push the boundaries of innovation, unlocking potential every step of the way – and succeeding only when they do.

We want to imagine, develop and deliver a better future in closer partnership with our customers. I’m excited for what’s ahead, and I hope you are too.