AI is Revolutionizing the Energy Sector: Celestica Can Help

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  • 2024-02-22
AI is Revolutionizing the Energy Sector: Celestica Can Help

AI is changing the game in every sector, including energy. From reducing costs to streamlining workflows, AI is poised to revolutionize the way we produce, consume and deliver energy.

Energy companies are harnessing the power of AI to interpret vast amounts of data to improve predictions of supply and demand, while decreasing the negative impacts on our global environment.  

Energy stakeholders gather annually at the Energy High Performance Computing (HPC) Conference at Rice University in Houston, Texas, to discuss how emerging technologies can drive new solutions to global challenges in the energy sector.  As a sponsor of the 2024 Energy HPC Conference, Celestica experts will be available on March 5-7 to help advance HPC in the energy industry.

Networking Plays a Key Role

The efficiency and performance of networking plays a critical role in the outcome of effective AI projects.  The ability of data networks to efficiently handle an AI workload often determines how quickly the AI solution can process information and arrive at optimal alternatives. Celestica’s DS4000,  1U 32-port 400GbE data center switch, (pictured below) is a prime example of a dense but powerful, high-capacity switch (12.8 Tbps bandwidth with less than 500ns port to port latency) that’s ideal for the demands of modern AI workloads.  The DS4000, along with Celestica’s entire line of switches, offers an open management approach enabling cost effective implementations at scale.

DS4000 2024
Celestica's DS4000, 1U 32-port 400GbE data center switch

Storage is a Big Deal

From interpreting seismic analysis  to determining the best and most efficient delivery times of renewable energy,  data plays a critical role in systems that optimize every point along the energy delivery spectrum. From our SC6100 all-flash storage controller that balances performance, scalability and cost, to our massive SD6200 storage platform that maximizes storage density along with OPEX savings, Celestica offers a range of solutions to support growing storage needs. 

Find Out More

Celestica’s can help you explore how our proven, invested hardware solutions can empower your efforts to optimize the energy economy for all. If you can’t make the show this year, simply reach out to us.  Experts are always available to talk about our solutions.