Celestica in Silicon Valley: Enabling the Titans of Tech to Think Bigger, Reach Further

  • Rob Mionis  |
  • 2017-03-29
Globe Hero Blog

Innovation – in Silicon Valley and around the world – is moving faster than ever before. Artificial intelligence, automation and the Internet of Things promise to transform industries and unlock untold value in almost every sector. Celestica’s mission is to guide and support our customers through this transformation, to leverage our unique skills and knowledge to solve what was once considered unsolvable.

Taking a big idea from concept to market takes months of collaboration between engineers, designers and market experts, driving each other to deliver a better, smarter, or more efficient product. And even the most sophisticated companies realize they can’t do it alone. They look to committed partners like Celestica to deliver the knowledge, tools, and technology to help them get the job done reliably.

As part of our commitment to drive and shape technological innovation in Silicon Valley, I’m excited to announce the official opening of our Customer Experience Center in Santa Clara, California. This new state-of-art space gives our customers a place where they can collaborate directly with Celestica experts, both local and remotely around the world, on the challenges and opportunities ahead. 

The new site will enable Celestica to bring its global operations to life by offering virtual tours of our global operations right in the heart of Silicon Valley. By bringing the best minds and experience from across our company to Silicon Valley, we’ll be working with some of the world’s most innovative companies to make their biggest, boldest visions a reality.

Our customers trust us to keep our finger on the pulse of innovation, which enables them to think bigger, and reach further. They depend on us to continue serving as the technology engine fuelling the advances in design, manufacturing and engineering that are changing the world. With the opening of our Customer Experience Center, we’re reinforcing our commitment to merge the Celestica ethos with the great values of invention, entrepreneurship, and creativity that define Silicon Valley.