Guideposts on the Road to a Quality Culture

  • Celestica  |
  • 2022-12-01
Guideposts on the Road to a Quality Culture

It's the close of World Quality Month and this year’s theme is Quality Conscience: Doing the Right Thing. It’s an opportunity to reflect on what quality means at Celestica—how we empower employees to own the quality process; drive consistency and standardization at every site around the world, and our plan to deploy more advanced quality tools in 2023 and beyond.  

The road to instilling a true Quality First culture is a journey, not a destination. Every successful company must continually challenge itself to be better because operational excellence is a direct path to industry leadership. Here are some key Total Quality @ Celestica (TQ@C) guideposts we follow.

 A strong culture empowers employees

A total quality culture starts with engaged and empowered teams who have clear goals and objectives that are aligned across the business. This requires relentless, consistent quality and communication. Our focus is to ensure that everyone at every level of the organization understands the quality requirements. Not just the executive leadership team, not just the site leadership team -- everyone.

Talented teams drive quality performance

Responsibility for quality is everyone’s job. That means taking ownership. We’ve laid the groundwork to make this as simple as possible. The Celestica Operating System (COS) provides a structure around 10 core processes to ensure that every employee takes a standardized approach to doing their job—ensuring consistent, predictable results. 

And the training we provide expands far beyond manufacturing processes. We produce some of the most technically sophisticated products in the world. That’s why we ensure employees understand how the products they support will be used. Our customers place their trust in us, and our employees realize the importance of our ability to guarantee flawless quality.

Established protocols prevent, correct and control quality issues

A total quality mindset is vital for driving a customer-first, continuous improvement (CI) culture. The key lies in establishing a standardized framework around core business systems and processes to drive predictability in quality outcomes and performance.

The COS via Total Quality at Celestica incorporates a broad range of tools and methodologies to ensure that employees around the world have a common framework for thinking about and driving this quality mindset. These tools ensure the highest quality from our first engagement on a new program through shipping and after-market services. When coupled with our CI framework, the result is a world-class culture of proactive quality that is always striving to be better.  

Be audit ready

Our commitment to Quality and CI through the Celestica Operating System ensures that we are constantly identifying gaps, meeting regulatory compliance guidelines, reducing inefficiencies and improving processes. The result? Our manufacturing sites are audit-ready and we’re doing the right things at all times. 

As the old saying goes, “there’s freedom through discipline”. We view every day as an opportunity to strengthen our commitment to quality and ensure our future success.