Quality: The Key to Unlocking Competitive Excellence

  • Celestica  |
  • 2023-11-30
Quality Month 2023v2

It’s the close of World Quality Month—an opportunity to celebrate how excellence in quality opens the door to realizing competitive potential. At Celestica, our relentless focus on quality resonates through every aspect of our business—from the design, manufacturing and services we deliver to our customers to supply chain management and everything in between.

Our commitment to quality is based on three pillars: employee empowerment, continuous improvement and commitment to customer quality. 

Empowering employees boosts competitiveness

Celestica’s global quality strategy ensures employee engagement and buy-in—which is critical to realizing our full potential. The Celestica Operating System provides employees with a structure around 10 core processes that are essential to being competitive in the market. 

Establishing a standardized framework around these processes drives consistency and standardization across our organization— regardless of country or business line. Commitment to quality isn’t a directive that comes down from the top; it depends on every employee understanding quality, assessing their practices, and looking for ways to improve. 

Standardization through continuous improvement enhances reputation

Continuous improvement is essential to realizing our competitive excellence. We build some of the most technically sophisticated products in the world—and scrupulous attention to ensuring continuous, ongoing improvements in engineering expertise, quality, manufacturing, and supply chain excellence is vital. We’ve laid the groundwork to make this as simple as possible. Total Quality at Celestica (TQ@C) ensures our employees take a systematic approach to global quality using gold-standard tools and procedures. This drive to embed standardization into the fibre of the company enhances our reputation as a trusted partner.

Commitment to a customer quality focus stimulates growth 

Our commitment to quality and continuous improvement through the Celestica Operating System empowers growth. It ensures that we are constantly identifying gaps, meeting regulatory compliance guidelines, reducing inefficiencies, and improving processes. The result? Our manufacturing sites are audit-ready, and we’re doing the right things at all times. The high-level metrics that we drive at Celestica from a global quality standpoint provide vital insights into how we present ourselves to the customer—from the quality of the products we ship to our performance ranking on customer scorecards. All of these metrics reflect our commitment to a customer quality focus. 

The result? We unlock our competitive excellence for Celestica and our customers.