Taking on Tomorrow, Today

  • Rob Mionis  |
  • 2019-05-01
Taking on tomorrow, today

2019 marks Celestica’s 25th anniversary, and over the years we have witnessed - and been a part of - amazing technological advancements like cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile computing that transform businesses and connect the entire world. These advancements have had a direct impact in shaping us into the company we are today. While many things have changed, there are also some very important similarities between Celestica today and the company that was founded in 1994.   

We started by building metal boxes for IBM mainframe computers and support systems. Over the ensuing quarter century, we have grown into a global company with over 28,000 employees serving the world’s best brands across the aerospace and defense, capital equipment, industrial, smart energy, healthtech, communications and enterprise end markets. 

We have thrived because we have always been laser-focused on finding ways for our customers to succeed, and never wavered from our commitment to fostering a culture of teamwork, ingenuity, confidence and care. These values have served as our foundation since Day 1.

While we are proud of our heritage and where we stand today, we are always looking ahead to what’s next. 

Our customers are tackling big ideas and shaping a smarter future. They are building smarter cities, improving patient care, powering a sustainable future and enabling the next generation of aerospace technology. Technologies like A.I., hyperscale computing, 5G, satellite communications networks and hardware miniaturization are reshaping the markets we serve. 

So, in exploring “what’s next?” we really should be asking ourselves: “How can we partner with our customers to take on tomorrow, today?” 

Our customers look to Celestica as a source of innovation that provides advanced design and engineering capabilities, global manufacturing and supply chain solutions, and leading-edge hardware that enable them to stay ahead of the frenetic pace of change and unlock the potential of the future.   

Consider how radically the experience of flying in an airplane has changed in the last 25 years, or even just the last decade. Today, the airplane is an extension of the office. Passengers demand “always on” connectivity driven by emerging technologies that enable them to get work done – even while they’re traveling at 500 mph 35,000 feet in the air. 

As the leading manufacturing services provider to the Aerospace and Defense industry, we help make all that happen, giving our customers competitive advantages through optimizing supply chains and accelerating innovation. Celestica enables high-reliability systems and assemblies found in almost every airplane today, which puts us right at the forefront in contributing to the industry’s effort to constantly deliver a better-connected aircraft passenger experience. 

In healthtech, manufacturers are using technologies like A.I., hardware miniaturization, and improved data interoperability to create devices that improve the quality of healthcare for people all over the world. Celestica is already playing a key role in helping OEMs design and deliver these innovative solutions via supply chains that keep pace with the demands of healthcare professionals and consumers and meet stringent regulatory requirements. We have our sights set on continuing to draft the blueprints for future health tech innovations. 

Perhaps nowhere is change more disruptive than in the data center, where the measures of volume, power and capability are expanding at a dizzying pace. Today, we’ve ushered in the hyperscale data center, which supports thousands of physical servers and millions of virtual machines. This delivers higher computing power at incredible speeds and a lower cost, and places new pressures on hardware developers to innovate faster and be more flexible. They rely on our hardware portfolio to quickly build and deploy hyperscale infrastructures that in turn are supporting the most exciting applications of A.I., machine learning, 5G networking and communications technologies, and predictive analytics.

The pace of technological change is unrelenting in all the markets we serve. Every company, in every industry, and across every geography is part of what we call the Acceleration Economy, where industry leaders are managing and constantly improving the critical issues of innovation, design, production, quality, and productivity head-on and at high speed. Success requires collaborating across deep networks and bringing new products to market faster; meeting disruptive change with innovation; turning new ideas into competitive advantages; and leveraging technological adoption to secure a lasting market presence. 

As Celestica has grown, we have been challenged, we have transformed, and we have thrived. We have built a proud legacy across geographies, languages and markets. We have always had the answer to “what’s next?” because we’ve been at the forefront in helping create what’s next. We fully intend to continue asking and helping answer that question for the next 25 years and beyond.