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Experience can make all the difference. In a rapidly changing industry, constant innovation and creativity is key to success for your business. At Celestica, our laboratory team leverages a long heritage of technical leadership that can support your products through their entire lifecycle.


Newmarket Electronics Testing Lab

Celestica has been enabling our customers’ success across multiple markets for more than a quarter century.  From the failure analysis of electronic card and product assemblies, industrial electro-mechanical products, to printed wiring board assemblies and so much more.  Our scope and scale offers unequalled expertise.  We are able to quickly understand the root cause of field failures and explain yield challenges across industries and markets.  

The validation of a product can be made at various stages of development, and the Newmarket Electronics Testing Lab:  Engineering Services has the expertise to perform validation of prototypes, product robustness limits, and product qualification.  From failure analysis to rigorous material expertise find below a selected sample of our comprehensive capabilities, services and expertise that will drive results for your business.

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Celestica Reliability Engineering Services

Our reliability and engineering services enable our customers to avoid failure and downtime with customized solutions for their business.  We can make a difference at any point in your product lifecycle.  With our reliability engineering lab services, you are able to:

  • Create and execute R&D projects
  • Investigate counterfeit components
  • Qualify new processes to regulatory and customer needs
  • Find the root cause of manufacturing quality issues
  • Quantify and improve product reliability

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    Environmental Chamber Testing

    Our environmental test chambers are often used for steady-state stability testing, basic temperature cycling and accelerated stress testing.  Our Newmarket Electronics Lab can replicate and inform your product design and manufacturing process no matter where it will be deployed. 

    With over a dozen chambers, and some chambers up to 154 cubic feet in usable volume and others with up to 20 °C/min ramp rate, our capabilities can meet most customer’s needs.


      FTIR Analysis Newmarket

      FTIR Analysis

      Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) is a versatile materials analysis technique, helping identify organic and some inorganic materials that could be the source of product contamination or cause a malfunction. As a result, we often recommend FTIR to our customers. 


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      Cross-Sectional Analysis

      Celestica has been the leader in lead-free soldering and metallurgy for more than a decade.  Additionally, our expertise in cross-sectional analysis is industry leading. 

      Consider the potential in your business that can be enabled with an electronics lab testing partner that has the capabilities to support your innovation throughout the complete product lifecycle.   

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      Vibration Testing

      The need to comprehensively test components for shock and vibration resistance can often be the key to long-term product success. Celestica’s experienced team will be your partner to provide complete assurance throughout the product validation process.

      Celestica has been testing the limits of innovation for original equipment manufacturers and suppliers for more than 25 years.  The Newmarket Electronics Testing Lab provides reliable vibration and mechanical shock testing for OEMs across aerospace and defense, automotive, consumer, medical and industrial markets.

      Download our full brochure for a detailed listing of our capabilities, expertise and standards.


      Solving your electronics manufacturing testing and design challenges through advanced technical capabilities:

      • Mechanical Stress – Product Assurance
      • Reliability Testing – Chamber support
      • Reliability of Materials 
      • Reliability Consultation 
      • Materials Science
      • Destructive Materials Analysis
      • Optical Microscopy with Image Analysis
      • Component Failure Analysis
      • Chemical Analysis 


      The Newmarket site as whole is equipped with the following certifications: 

      • ISO 9001 
      • ISO 14001 
      • OHSAS 
      • 18001 
      • ISO 13485
      • AS 9100 
      • CGP/ITAR 
      • C-TPAT/PIP 
      • NADCAP

      We imagine, develop and deliver a better future with our customers.