Seven Questions to Ask on Your Transformation Journey

  • Celestica  |
  • 2018-12-14
Seven Questions to Ask on Your Transformation Journey

Earlier this year, our CEO Rob Mionis introduced us to The Acceleration Economy -  a place where the critical issues of innovation, design, production, quality, and productivity are managed head-on, and at high speed. This new environment is also seeing transformation take place at varying paces across enterprises and business functions large and small. Some enterprises and business functions have been faster than others, giving them a true competitive edge. Has your firm’s transformation journey made significant progress this past year? Has it gone two steps backward? With 2019 fast approaching, it’s an opportune time for some self-reflection – Are We Transforming or Risking Irrelevance?

Scroll down below to view our transformation checklist to see if your organization is making meaningful strides with its transformation journey.

  1. In the cloud? Are most tools and applications you’re utilizing every day to support your fellow employees, customers and partners accessible in the cloud?
  2. Looking outside your four walls? Is your management team looking to outside sources for new technological capabilities, so the internal team could double down on its core competencies?
  3. Using and parsing customer data differently? Are teams aggregating and analyzing new customer data points differently to better prepare for emerging customer needs or issues.
  4. Applying a different machine mix or implementing new technologies to create product components?  Is your company relying on any robotics or decided to incorporate 3D printers to shorten production timelines?
  5. Re-designing key hardware to support new software? Has your company started to invest in re-designing new hardware to support next-generation software that will fundamentally change the way the hardware operates
  6. Getting more predictive when it comes to maintenance? Are more sensors now implemented or predictive analytics software getting utilized to get ahead of issues and avoid significant downtime
  7. Layering in more security and encryption to keep data and IP airtight? With data theft more prevalent, is the business investing in new security tools and encrypting more data shared between the business and partners across the supply chain.

If you’re answering NO to most of these questions, it is time to make a New Year’s resolution to accelerate your transformation journey. Learn how we can help to unlock the true potential of your future here.