Big Question: How do we leverage technology for the best patient care?

  • Celestica  |
  • 2018-02-16
Healthcare Blog

Technology is transforming the way healthcare providers around the world improve the lives and health outcomes of patients. Diagnostic imaging and wireless monitoring solutions allow physicians to help patients even when they’re not physically in the same place. Ingestible sensors can track medication levels to improve the effectiveness of treatments. And advanced surgical instruments allow doctors to perform minimally invasive surgeries, dramatically improving recovery times.

At Celestica, we understand the critical role our customers play in the health of patients. And our customers recognize the importance of leveraging technology to improve patient care and save lives. Companies around the world count on us to help develop innovative, high-quality products, and get them to market quickly.

In healthcare, issues like quality control and supply chain problems are not just potential business disruptions – they can directly impact patient health. If the electronics in a smartphone fail, it’s an inconvenience; if they fail in a medical device, it can put a life at risk. So we value quality above all else and ensure that commitment is reflected in our products, processes and people.

Celestica has a rich history as a technology innovator, specializing in creative, innovative manufacturing and supply chain solutions backed by our strong commitment to uncompromising quality. Our leading-edge automation and process stabilization techniques enable our customers to improve efficiency, scale rapidly and realize the quality and reliability they expect—at the most effective cost.  Our global footprint means we get products to market quickly, anywhere our customers operate. And our healthcare Centres of Excellence meet or exceed the highest industry standards.  We ensure these standards are maintained by all our employees and partners.

We also understand how difficult it is to navigate the increasingly complex regulatory environment in healthcare. Our experience enables us to work closely with regulatory groups to speed up approval times and ensure compliance. In healthcare, even a small regulatory issue can mean serious delays in getting products to market.

Change is a constant in healthcare technology, and Celestica has the proven technological expertise to continue innovating. We are committed to delivering the highest-quality, customized solutions that help our customers improve the lives of people around the world.

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